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Icons by Samfeasor

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samfeasor. This is just for my icons (and maybe other graphics). If you want to know about me go to my main journal.

I've decided to separate my icons from my main journal, because more people who have no affiliation with livejournal are reading it, and keep asking me what the hell an icon is. Plus, this way they'll be consolidated for the ease of anyone who may one day want to use them.

These are not the best icons in the world. I very rarely follow trends, usually have my own ideas of what looks good, and am only occasionally witty. But these are decent icons (except the older ones, which are just here so everyone can ooh and aah about how I've improved) and I'm proud of them.

Are there any rules?
Of course there are:

1) Feel free to take any icons you want.

2) Comment if you take them; I like to know what's popular.

3) Credit isn't required, but it's definitely a nice thing.
You can credit either in keywords or in picture comments.

4) Please don't hotlink. I don't know why you'd need to, but just in case. I don't use all my bandwith, but I don't really want to start.

Friend policy.
I friend other icon journals and communities that I like. Check them out, they could be worth it.

Feel free to friend me. Maybe you'll like what you see.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo
My icons are derivative works of photographs/drawings/images authored by others. I don't make any profit off of the original work, nor do I make profit from my derviative works.

As derivate works, my icons have a certain amount of copyright protection. For more information, see the license below.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


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